The Barça Effect

To call me a “fan” would be an understatement. I’m like a football’s annoyingly creepy stalker. Like someone obsessed and die-hard, never missing any day without watching highlight videos or just taking a few minutes scrolling on football memes spread all around social media. But okay, fine. For the sake of a more prudent and convenient … More The Barça Effect

Cena Cita

One thing that I don’t like in being a rookie doctor is the inhumane hours spent inside the hospital. On average, we go on 24 or 30 or 36-hour shifts looking after our patients from time to time and carrying out orders from our senpai residents or consultants. Most of our free days are just … More Cena Cita

White Christmas

To be deployed in the hospital to function as a doctor is a whole lot of a different experience than how it was almost a decade ago when I worked in the wards as a student nurse. From the number of hours per shift to the overall role in the work place, the difference is … More White Christmas

Don’t Go Down

Time seems to zoom by so fast when you’re too preoccupied with your priorities. The moment that the bluish flame started to refuse exuding its warmth, it felt like everything has changed. It seemed like a big chunk was taken away from the huge pile of reasons to wake up in the morning. Like I said, I was … More Don’t Go Down

Força, Chapecoense

Today is a tragic day for football fans all over the world as LaMia Airlines Flight 2933 carrying 81 passengers including journalists and players from the Brazilian football club Associação Chapecoense de Futebol crashed on the Colombian soil last 11/29. The team was bound for Medellin, Colombia to play in the 2016 Copa Sudamericana Finals, which is … More Força, Chapecoense