Table For One: Ooma BGC

Okay, folks. Since I live alone most of the time and I tend to prefer to be alone sometimes, I would like to drop the official maiden post in a new category on my blog at this moment:


This category will showcase everything about my curiosity on food offered by establishments all around the Metro (or country…or even the world, who knows?) be it old or new. I will try to feature at least one diner or carinderia or ristorante to as much as I can per month. Of course, I wouldn’t be devouring everything on their menu in one sitting. However, once I get a chance to return to a particular establishment and order something else other than what I’ve ordered before, I’ll try to update the previous post. This will be fun, people. Trust me. *winks

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The Mother’s 60th

A few reasons to thank God this week would include my mother’s 60th birthday and giving me the time and opportunity to celebrate it with her and my sister.

God, I thank you for my mother. Without her, I am nothing.

These bluish-purple roses arranged in bundles while leaning on the store’s wall immediately caught my attention.
The look on her face as she received these beautiful flowers was priceless.
Texas Roadhouse’s ribs were amazing. I’m confident to say that they have one of the best ribs in the Metro. Thank you, America.
Their New York strip cut which weighed approx. 500g is enough to feed two to three streak-craving mouths.
Everyone’s patiently waiting for the food to arrive.
Lastly, here’s a mandatory photo of my mother holding the receipt of her first discounted meal as a senior citizen. Feliz cumple, Mami!

Que Deus nos bendiga y nos proteja!

Cena Cita

One thing that I don’t like in being a rookie doctor is the inhumane hours spent inside the hospital. On average, we go on 24 or 30 or 36-hour shifts looking after our patients from time to time and carrying out orders from our senpai residents or consultants. Most of our free days are just spent on getting back the lost hours of sleep. That is if we’re not studying. A lot of times, it compromises the time for other things like family, friends, and leisure. It’s a sad fact of life but it’s for the dream.

Today is a new year for our Chinese brothers and sisters. Since my current status for today falls under pre-duty, I didn’t have to come to the hospital and do my everyday thing. As interns, we’re required to go to the hospital on holidays only if we’re on duty. That’s why as a temporarily free person for today, I didn’t waste a second on having thoughts on spending the whole day with mi madre.

Mi madre is quite easy to please. She never wanted any other fancier maki sushi than California maki rolls.
This artery-clogging skewer of azura bacon is amazing.
Chashu ramen for a hot slurp.
And. D*mn it. This amazing spicy sake (salmon) donburi.


I hate Japanese food so much that I eat a lot of it so it could disappear forever in this world. Kidding.

See you next time, mother. Have a safe flight.

Que Deus nos bendiga y nos proteja.

Morning After

One day, I took a stroll around the deserted streets of my Alma Mater while meandering through my usual way home. For months, I’ve been suppressing the urge of bringing my camera in and around the university to take photos and do one of that things I love doing most. The feeling was unquenchable. The rare montage of empty roads and foliage of yellow and green scattered all around the university greatly amplified that elated feel.

Folks, after a 24-hour duty at the hospital, probably one of the best perks of it is the warm, sunny embrace of the morning after. Nothing compares.


Que Dios nos bendigo y nos proteja.

Satisfied Crave


Okay. First of all, I would like to remind you people that this isn’t a review blog. If you’re looking for in-depth reviews of the places that I’ve been to or I will be posting here, well I’m sorry to tell you but you came to the wrong blog. I suggest that you make a more thorough research. To inform you, this blog only contains entries about nearly nothing else but stories about the rarity of my days of “adventures” in the outside world as a detained hospital doctor. Please be guided accordingly.

Sunday night. Fourth month of clinical clerkship. It’s the second consecutive month that I am enjoying weekends. A couple of weeks from now, I will be back in disorientation on how weekends actually feel like.

It was already dark when we came out from the church. During these months, one can witness the metropolitan night sky engulf the day as early as 6 o’clock in the evening. I never noticed that it was just a few minutes past six. All I thought was it is about to turn eight. We cruised along the wide roads in Ortigas where we used to go before. “It feels like it’s been years since I last went here.” I said. In all honesty, I disliked going to places that would remind me of the good, happy life before. But because I insisted to bring mother to a sushi place that I’ve been wanting to try since last year, it left me no choice.

We arrived at the place just about 20 minutes after leaving the church. Immediately, we approached the elevator and proceeded to the second floor. As we entered Genki, we were ushered to a table with empty seats just near the corner glass pane. Dining in pairs or maybe a smaller group of three or four has it obvious perks.

Installed beside us was a tablet, strategically located just above what seems to be a “track” configured in two levels. One on top, and another below. It was held securely by metallic arm which one can flex and swivel to their field of vision. Posted on the walls of the tracks were photos of the food on their menu.

We started browsing the tablet for their menu and prices. Then, one by one, we began to place our orders.


The yellow light beside us started to blink and make an alarming noise. That would notify every customer that a car is incoming and that no body part or any article should be placed near or on the tracks. Only a few minutes have passed when our orders started arriving aboard a car that ran through the “tracks” that sat beside us.








“The experience was one of a kind.” These words came from my mother who apparently had fun dining at a Japanese sushi chain that serves their food via conveyor belts and cars. For me, it’s not the best sushi in the metro but it deserves to be revisited over and over and over again. “Kaya pala gustung-gusto mo i-try ‘to dati pa, ha?” (“So this is why you’re so eager to try this place even before, huh?” She said. Mother, you should always trust my instincts. Some may be peculiar but I guarantee you that it’ll always be awesome.

Chasing Lightning

It’s been months since I last held my camera. To blame is either the time that I mostly spend in school or watching TV or because of the excessive laziness to go out and shoot. But last night, from the moment that I saw the neighboring buildings around brighten up as the night sky flickered with every strike of the lightning outside, I didn’t waste a second and immediately grabbed on my gear and stationed myself in our building’s roof deck and waited.


The Streets of Manila

Manila may be dirty and congested but in my opinion, its streets are picturesque. Every person and every scene tells different stories.











Canon AE-1 Program x Fujifilm C200
Yashica Electro 35 GSN x Kodak Ultramax 400 (exp)
Manila, Philippines


A few days ago, I dropped by my favorite photo lab located just a few kilometers from where I live. Panning on the direction of their glass cabinet just behind the woman operating the cash register, I was surprised to see a new variety of film rolls besides the usual C200’s and Neopans. The sight of new stacks of small green and yellow boxes, arranged meticulously forming a wide base to a pointed top like a pyramid, made me cast a gentle smirk as I approached their glass counter.

What if film manufacturers like Fujifilm and Kodak cease their production of fresh rolls anytime from now?

I had thoughts. Nothing lasts forever. One day, film manufacturers would actually cease their productions specially when sales start to significantly decline. A reason why I had to temporarily put down my digital SLR and shoot using my trusty ol’ film cameras for a while.










Canon AE-1 Program x Fujifilm C200
Puerto Princesa City, Philippines; Manila, Philippines
January 2016