The Mother’s 60th

A few reasons to thank God this week would include my mother's 60th birthday and giving me the time and opportunity to celebrate it with her and my sister. God, I thank you for my mother. Without her, I am nothing. Que Deus nos bendiga y nos proteja! R.A.

Luna (2017)

This is a portrait of the same exact feeling that I experience when I get home from duty. Even if it's just 2 in the afternoon, it always feels like midnight. Luna (2017) 1512 x 2040 px ~6 hours completion time Digital painting

Morning After

One day, I took a stroll around the deserted streets of my Alma Mater while meandering through my usual way home. For months, I've been suppressing the urge of bringing my camera in and around the university to take photos and do one of that things I love doing most. The feeling was unquenchable. The rare montage of empty roads and …

Sith Lord Cooking Series: How to Turn Your Leftover Bulalo to an Appetizing Lunch

A few nights prior to Christmas, a few colleagues and I made a spontaneous trip to Tagaytay. How spontaneous? We left Manila around 6pm and arrived at the mountain city around 8pm. We had a quick dinner at a Manila-based restaurant which exclusively serves Bulalo (beef shank and bone marrow soup) at their branch in Tagaytay. …

Chasing Lightning

It's been months since I last held my camera. To blame is either the time that I mostly spend in school or watching TV or because of the excessive laziness to go out and shoot. But last night, from the moment that I saw the neighboring buildings around brighten up as the night sky flickered with every strike …

The Streets of Manila

Manila may be dirty and congested but in my opinion, its streets are picturesque. Every person and every scene tells different stories. Canon AE-1 Program x Fujifilm C200 Yashica Electro 35 GSN x Kodak Ultramax 400 (exp) Manila, Philippines 2015


A few days ago, I dropped by my favorite photo lab located just a few kilometers from where I live. Panning on the direction of their glass cabinet just behind the woman operating the cash register, I was surprised to see a new variety of film rolls besides the usual C200's and Neopans. The sight of …