Dear Tomas

It started with a dream. The moment when my sister walked me around your ever noble grounds, I already fell in love with you. I tried to pursue you and you didn’t fail me. You called me to your arms. In your embrace was where I found myself next when I woke up. But no, it wasn’t a dream. It was a realization of a dream. I am eternally grateful.
In your balmy domain was where my dreams emerged. In your bosom was where some floundered. You nourished me and sustained me and sometimes struck me for my obstinacy. But hear me. There was never a time that you have abandoned me. For these, I am eternally grateful.
A few hours and I’ll be stepping out of your illustrious shadow. From Espana to Dapitan, Lacson to Noval, my heart bleeds ceaseless gratitude to you. You have raised me to what I am right now. Tomas, I am eternally grateful.
Thank you for everything. I’ll always be one of your thousands of valiant legions.


Love you always,

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