Table For One: Ooma BGC

Okay, folks. Since I live alone most of the time and I tend to prefer to be alone sometimes, I would like to drop the official maiden post in a new category on my blog at this moment:


This category will showcase everything about my curiosity on food offered by establishments all around the Metro (or country…or even the world, who knows?) be it old or new. I will try to feature at least one diner or carinderia or ristorante to as much as I can per month. Of course, I wouldn’t be devouring everything on their menu in one sitting. However, once I get a chance to return to a particular establishment and order something else other than what I’ve ordered before, I’ll try to update the previous post. This will be fun, people. Trust me. *winks

To whoever said that having brunch or dinner alone ain’t fun, you’re wrong. Well, okay. There’s an enigma about having a companion when enjoying a meal but it doesn’t mean that dining alone wouldn’t be any fun at all.

Last night, while waiting for the 6pm church service at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig, I was hopping from one sporting apparel shop to another at High Street looking for new football kits of my favorite Manila-based team. Disappointed as I found no new kits anywhere, I just opted to stuff myself prior to going to church. I went directly to Ooma, where fans of modern (or “bold” as they describe it there) Japanese cuisine dine. “Hi. I would like to have a table for myself. Table for one.” I told the receptionist as I entered their crowded restaurant. She delightfully ushered me to a table near the kitchen bar and immediately endorsed me to Mark the waiter, who promptly handed me a thick laminated menu. “Would you like me to give you a rundown of our menu, sir?” Mark asked. “Ah, no, it’s okay. I just want to browse your menu first.” I answered. The crew were just too nice as if you’re used to meeting them at least once a week.

Ooma is quite popular among the growing roster of to-go Japanese restos in the Metro so you should expect a heavy number of people inside the establishment during lunch and dinner hours. Luckily, a table for one isn’t that difficult to find. Man, I am so loving this.

Hi, Mark. I would like to have Buta no Kakuni. Also, which of the rolls would you recommend for a newbie like me?” I’ve been to Ooma once at their Rockwell branch and I loved it. Unfortunately, all three branches are located too far away from where I live in Manila. Anyway, Mark pointed me to their highly reputable torched rolls (aburi maki). I ordered Ebi & Kani Aburi Maki as recommended by Mark.

Buta Kakuni (P370)

Buta Kakuni is Japanese glazed pork belly topped with pickled daikon and carrots. The pork belly was slow-roasted until melt-in-your-mouth tender. Everything was served wading in thick sweetened dashi sauce with a subtle hint of coconut cream.

Ebi & Kani Aburi Maki (P265)

Ebi & Kani Aburi Maki is just one of their adequately good selection of torched rolls. This one’s rolled with prawn and imitation crab smothered with cream cheese and Japanese mayo perfectly torched until warm and smoky. The taste was amazing. It’s a combination of savory and smoky, playfully taking turns in tickling my every single taste bud.

The overall experience was good. Their crew were really courteous and attentive and the food were amazing. The ambience, however, was something that’s non-modifiable. As I have stated earlier, Ooma is quite popular. Expect long queues and multiple packs of friends and families dining on lunch and dinner hours. Everything will be worth the wait, anyway. Give it a try. *winks again

Here’s a >>LINK<< to their Zomato profile if you need more info.

Que Deus nos bendigo y nos proteja,


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