Cena Cita

One thing that I don’t like in being a rookie doctor is the inhumane hours spent inside the hospital. On average, we go on 24 or 30 or 36-hour shifts looking after our patients from time to time and carrying out orders from our senpai residents or consultants. Most of our free days are just … More Cena Cita

Luna (2017)

This is a portrait of the same exact feeling that I experience when I get home from duty. Even if it’s just 2 in the afternoon, it always feels like midnight. Luna (2017) 1512 x 2040 px ~6 hours completion time Digital painting

Morning After

One day, I took a stroll around the deserted streets of my Alma Mater while meandering through my usual way home. For months, I’ve been suppressing the urge of bringing my camera in and around the university to take photos and do one of that things I love doing most. The feeling was unquenchable. The rare montage of empty roads and … More Morning After