Cena Cita

One thing that I don’t like in being a rookie doctor is the inhumane hours spent inside the hospital. On average, we go on 24 or 30 or 36-hour shifts looking after our patients from time to time and carrying out orders from our senpai residents or consultants. Most of our free days are just spent on getting back the lost hours of sleep. That is if we’re not studying. A lot of times, it compromises the time for other things like family, friends, and leisure. It’s a sad fact of life but it’s for the dream.

Today is a new year for our Chinese brothers and sisters. Since my current status for today falls under pre-duty, I didn’t have to come to the hospital and do my everyday thing. As interns, we’re required to go to the hospital on holidays only if we’re on duty. That’s why as a temporarily free person for today, I didn’t waste a second on having thoughts on spending the whole day with mi madre.

Mi madre is quite easy to please. She never wanted any other fancier maki sushi than California maki rolls.
This artery-clogging skewer of azura bacon is amazing.
Chashu ramen for a hot slurp.
And. D*mn it. This amazing spicy sake (salmon) donburi.


I hate Japanese food so much that I eat a lot of it so it could disappear forever in this world. Kidding.

See you next time, mother. Have a safe flight.

Que Deus nos bendiga y nos proteja.


Luna (2017)

This is a portrait of the same exact feeling that I experience when I get home from duty. Even if it’s just 2 in the afternoon, it always feels like midnight.


Luna (2017) 1512 x 2040 px
~6 hours completion time
Digital painting

Morning After

One day, I took a stroll around the deserted streets of my Alma Mater while meandering through my usual way home. For months, I’ve been suppressing the urge of bringing my camera in and around the university to take photos and do one of that things I love doing most. The feeling was unquenchable. The rare montage of empty roads and foliage of yellow and green scattered all around the university greatly amplified that elated feel.

Folks, after a 24-hour duty at the hospital, probably one of the best perks of it is the warm, sunny embrace of the morning after. Nothing compares.


Que Dios nos bendigo y nos proteja.

First Thoughts for ’17

It’s been a while. The last time that I posted here was a day after Christmas. The days were cold and sad and busy and everybody was bustling around buying gifts, food, and rounded fruits for New Year’s Eve. A week was left before we said goodbye to Pediatrics. Now, we’re off to Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Have I told you how much I hated Obstetrics and Gynecology since…I was in my mother’s womb? Exaggeration aside, yeap, I’ve been on a hatin’ streak with OB-Gyn since Nursing school and it never changed since then. I barely had a complete grasp of everything that one needs to learn on these sh**load of a subspecialty. (No offense to our great OB-Gynecologists. I know you have that one subspecialty that you also hate the most). However, to become a doctor, it would take about 4 months of OB-Gyn rotation in 2 years of internship. No matter how much I hate it, I’m left with no choice but to do it.

The previous year was a bona fide…thing that you see inside an infant’s diaper. I’ve been dragged to the deepest depths of the fiery trenches of hell last year. So would it be fair to the universe if I set my expectations to as high as possible for 2017? I’m claiming a lot of victories for this year. Restoration. Travels. That MD. New experiences. New patients and cases. First surgery. And probably a whole lot more. Just promise to make it good, 2017. Just make it good.

Okay. Let’s open the year with high-cholesterol food like chicharon and steak. What’s the use of synthesizing HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors if you don’t indulge yourself in fatty food, right? Nahh, I’m just kidding. Kids, always love your liver and gallbladder.


Anyway. It’s 2017 and I’m still addicted to FIFA ’14.


Cheers to a victorious 2017!

Que Dios nos bendigo y nos proteja.