The First Step to #Adulting

So this is what my parents would repeatedly tell me before. In reality, life could be really hard. One does not need to live in poverty to say that life is a bummer. Sometimes, just because of the big decisions and responsibilities, one could already say that it’s actually an obstacle course.

You know that you’re on your way to adulthood when little by little, big things like long-term decisions that one cannot simply make in a fraction of a second start piling up. That one decision that a tiny mistake would potentially make a huge difference and spark thoughts of regrets and frustration. I realized that what’s happening today cannot be compared your graduation day in Kindergarten where you’re tasked to simply share to your ambitions to the spectators, where you can say whatever you want as of that moment. Or to that moment where you’re asked by Professor Oak to choose which Pokemon would you take as a starter. Now, it’s time to settle things. It’s time to finalize the future.

Of course I’m aware that I am a long overdue adult. It’s been almost a decade since I first stepped on the age of being a “legal adult” in our country. But I think this is the biggest decision yet to make so far in my twenty…uhmm. Twenty-something years of existence.

December 7, 2016. This was the last day that our medical school had to set to submit all necessary documents for all internship applicants from our institution. At first, I though I was already sure about the hospital that I already had in mind. But the more seniors I chat with, the more options came popping up like stealthy assassins terminally blowing up their cover in the woods. I reconsidered. Right now, I may say that adulthood has started.


So, there you go. I sent an application to just one hospital. No backup. No whatever.  I dreamed of becoming a surgeon and I think this is the best option for me to become a great one. Wherever God would take me, there I’d go. I already did my best. The rest is all up to Him now.

Que Deus nos abençoe y nos proteja!


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