Don’t Go Down

Time seems to zoom by so fast when you’re too preoccupied with your priorities. The moment that the bluish flame started to refuse exuding its warmth, it felt like everything has changed. It seemed like a big chunk was taken away from the huge pile of reasons to wake up in the morning. Like I said, I was left with no choice but to feel the changes. If previously I was able to wake up with my hands tightly grasped on the promises and the unending hope that someday, the two planets that once was held together by a strong gravitational force will again be within close proximity. Now, it feels like oblivion. It’s like entering a bog surrounded by a thick blanket of mist making every traveler who goes through it feel lost and weary.

The ghosts of the past are omnipresent. Casting my eyes to the view of my kitchen from where I mostly lie, to the roads that would remind me of the undeniably simpler unadulterated past, sometimes I wish returning back to the time where everything seems so strangely quiet is possible. There was this thing that I wrote back in college. Life back then was full of misery. Just like a normal teenager, everything came up with a complaint. I tend to rant on things that shouldn’t even be given too much attention. However, all I wanted was simple.

All I wanted was to be happy.

A dear friend of mine shares this same exact feeling. Whenever we talk, we seem like normal people enjoying the things that we would talk about. But deep inside is the exact opposite. Sometimes, I think happiness is a matter of perspective. However, I think of it most of the time as something that you’re born with. Like a curse or a congenital anomaly. Some people tend to be happy at the simplest things. No, they’re not shallow. They just chose to be happy at the sight of their beloved cat welcoming them as they arrive home from work despite being alone. Me? I already told you. There’s nothing more in life that I would like to be but be contagiously happy.

No matter how everything adds up to the weight and burdens of everyday life, I know I’m still obliged to be thankful for everything. For the air that I breathe. Be thankful that I woke up today. Or I ate something today. I may have failed a lot of times but I’m still alive. Everyday is a chance to correct every mistake that we have committed. When life pulls us down, we should not go down. At the end of the day, we’re all left with no choice but to be grateful for the tiniest details that make our lives up.

As I end this post, I would like to share this sports drink advertisement which starred my favorite football player, Lionel Messi. This ad taught me to stay up despite life’s everyday challenges. Take a couple of minutes to watch and digest every statement in this ad.

“When you have every reason to go down, do not go down.”


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