A few days ago, I dropped by my favorite photo lab located just a few kilometers from where I live. Panning on the direction of their glass cabinet just behind the woman operating the cash register, I was surprised to see a new variety of film rolls besides the usual C200’s and Neopans. The sight of new stacks of small green and yellow boxes, arranged meticulously forming a wide base to a pointed top like a pyramid, made me cast a gentle smirk as I approached their glass counter.

What if film manufacturers like Fujifilm and Kodak cease their production of fresh rolls anytime from now?

I had thoughts. Nothing lasts forever. One day, film manufacturers would actually cease their productions specially when sales start to significantly decline. A reason why I had to temporarily put down my digital SLR and shoot using my trusty ol’ film cameras for a while.










Canon AE-1 Program x Fujifilm C200
Puerto Princesa City, Philippines; Manila, Philippines
January 2016


3 Replies to “Fade”

    1. Thanks, Elmer!

      Well, I can’t provide you a precise answer but I can give you an idea. I got a really old Yashica rangefinder cleaned last year for Php700. Lens, body, everything. However, I believe that they base their cleaning fee case-to-case.


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