First Thoughts for 2016

¡Feliz año nuevo! Happy new year! Manigong bagong taon!

I’m sorry if I haven’t been in here for quite a long time. You know, I used to tell people that I am a very busy person. There’s my family, an ill uncle in the hospital, some friends and relatives from my hometown, and my girlfriend. Since day one of my December break, most hours of the day were occupied spending every minute to them.

Life has been so tough for me this 2015. There were feuds between blood, uncertainties, failures, and relational instabilities. But all those obstacles that I had a collision course with subsequently transcended into objects that fueled me to become a better person that I am right now — a few months to a year after. I am aware that life would be tougher ahead because that’s how life goes for most. That’s how life goes. If you don’t brace yourself, you’ll lose. You’ll die.

Big disturbances in my life’s metaphorical circadian rhythm are happening this year. B is leaving for Canada early this year. My sister will be on the other side of the globe halfway this year as well. My father’s retiring after more than four decades of maritime career. Internship. Electives. Probably a lot more.

I don’t know how life would look like 366 days from now…or would I even still be alive by that time? No one knows. The future scares me. But for now, I’ll just go wherever life would take me. There are numerous reasons to be anxious about this year but nope, there are far more plentiful reasons to be thankful about and enjoy this 2016. Life is beautiful. I wouldn’t dare to waste a day of it sulking and fretting.

Cheers to a victorious 2016!

~ RA


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